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Students Handbook

The College supports and seeks to promote the principle of opportunity in all aspects of its operations including admissions, teaching and learning, support resources for students, quality assurance, management and governance. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that all students, staff and visitors are treated equally, friendly and fairly.

As with any group of individuals living in a community, it is necessary to observe certain rules and regulations in order to promote harmony and respect for others. This is particularly true in a community such as ours, where staff and students come from diverse social and cultural


The College

NCT offers trainings in hospitality and tourism as well as reseach and consultancy services in the country

Admissions and Fees

The College, renowned for its Core Curriculum and Short Courses in hospitality and tourism on both campuses

Tourism Careers

The Tanzania tourism industry is a dynamic industry offering opportunities for varies levels of skills, experience and education