Management Team

Ag Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ms. Rosada Msoma

Ag Director of Studies
Mr. Naiman Mbise

Ag Director of Finance, Planning & Administration
Mr. Boniface G. Mwaipaja

Head of internal Audit
Ms. Levina M. Tarimo

Ag Campus Manager, Arusha
Ms. Neema P. Sabulaki

Ag Campus Manager, Temeke
Mr. Steven Madenge

Senior Administration & Personnel Officer
Mr. Karisti Agapiti Mnyako

Principle Accountant
Ms.Nashima Andrew Mwanga

Senior Clinical Officer
Mr. Cathbert Mero

Head of Procurement Management Unit
Mr. Frank Latamani

Head of Business Unit
Ms. Neema Kusiga

Head of Management Information System
Mr. Said S. Likoko

Head of Tourism Studies
Ms. Martina Hagwet

Ag. Head of Hospitality Operations
Vannesa Sinaret

Ag. Head of Research and Consultancy
Mr. Francis Mwita Makori

Head of Documentation Centre
Ms. Juliana Mwaisaka

Ag. Marketing and Communications Officer

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The College

NCT offers trainings in hospitality and tourism as well as reseach and consultancy services in the country

Admissions and Fees

The College, renowned for its Core Curriculum and Short Courses in hospitality and tourism on both campuses

Tourism Careers

The Tanzania tourism industry is a dynamic industry offering opportunities for varies levels of skills, experience and education