Chief Executive’s Message

Welcome to the National College of Tourism (NCT) website

Ms. Rosada Msoma,
Acting Chief Executive officer,
National College of Tourism
The rapid growth of the hospitality and tourism industry has made tourism one of the world’s most significant sources of employment and therefore creates increasing demand for employees to provide quality service. However, quality service is to a considerable extent influenced by employee’s ability; therefore, education and training becomes an important part of development strategy.

Similarly, development of the hospitality and tourism industry in Tanzania is a recent phenomenon. Today, the industry is one of the major revenues of the country’s economy. As elsewhere, the Tanzania hospitality and tourism industry is labour intensive; much of its future success depends significantly on the quality of its employees. Therefore, improving skills and knowledge of the employees may assist destination competitiveness and help to establish and maintain a viable industry.
Currently, the National College of Tourism offers unlimited opportunities for both men and women to join and advance career in hospitality and tourism industry. I am delighted to invite you to explore our website to learn about NCT, history and future plans. I hope you will find the information contained in this website useful.

Karibuni sana!

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NCT offers trainings in hospitality and tourism as well as reseach and consultancy services in the country

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The College, renowned for its Core Curriculum and Short Courses in hospitality and tourism on both campuses

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The Tanzania tourism industry is a dynamic industry offering opportunities for varies levels of skills, experience and education